Dan Bensky - Module II in Europe

 June is Dan's month in Europe!

A few days back we had the wonderful opportunity to learn from Dan Bensky in Munich, this weekend Holland will have the same luck.

Dan is currently teaching the Module 2 of the full training series in Europe, both in Munich and Holland.
Next year in january will have another chance in Barcelona, the full training is starting late September 2016.

It's a precious gift to have both Dan Bensky and Chip Chace teaching us these techniques and this approach, but I must say: it's not just because of the techniques. Their quality as human beings is outstanding, and this really makes a difference when talking about medicine and caring for people.

A pearl from Dan's seminar, a shift for the mind/heart:
"At one point in my life, I switched from trying to be right to trying to be helpful"
That is indeed one of the deepest and most humble remarks I've heard in all my years as practitioner. Specially coming from someone as Dan, who's been working in this field, opening new paths on this field, for about 40 years...
So, thank you Dan, and lucky us.

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