Starting the year: Dan Bensky in Barcelona

This is a great start!!
This 2017 starts very promising, and we, the Engaging Vitality folks in Europe can confirm it! 
Barcelona has the honour to kick start this year welcoming Dan Bensky for 2 seminars in a row.
First, in Jan. 26th & 27th, we’ll have for the first time in Europe an intermediate level class M5: The eight listening post: Cranium and the Cranial Sutures.
This class will be focusing on the eight listening post, the one that we didn’t touch during the basic training in Modules 1,2&3, that is: the Cranium. This training will move one step forward our palpatory skills, refining the quality of our touch and both our anatomical and energetic understanding of one of the most delicate areas. Different frameworks and ideas will be laid out in order to expand our previous knowledge on the energetic dynamics and how to approach them for a more effective clinical work.

This class will also be unique since the teaching assistant will be Charles Chace, coming all the way from Boulder, Colorado to this special occasion.

We will have the chance to enjoy Charles classes again at the end of march, when he’ll be coming again to teach the 3rd and final module of the basic training for Engaging Vitality.

This very special gathering will take place at the ESMTC, in Barcelona. The Fundación Europea de Medicina Tradicional China is hosting this event and giving us all in the field a chance to expand our horizons.

But this is not all, Dan will be staying in Barcelona for 2 more days. In Jan. 28th & 29th he’ll be teaching the 2nd module of the basic training, introducing interesting topics as Global Listening, Channel Listening, and refining needling technique. And of course, he’ll review all the techniques we have learned in Module 1: Shape of Qi, Manual Thermal Evaluation, Yang Rhythm, Local listening… 

We will have a treat for the veterans (M5) and a treat for the newbie (M2)… what else could we ask to start a year? …

So, welcome 2017 and welcome Dan Bensky to Barcelona!

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