Another Core training in Munich, completed!

This past weekend, march 24th to 26th 2017, Chip Chace wrapped up another core training on ENGAGING VITALITY methods in Munich. This is the first time the SOCIETAS MEDICINAE SINENSIS (SMS) in Munich embraces this training, hopefully not the last. In this occasion 32 very professional and patient-oriented students completed the 3 Modules basic program and got engaged with the approach. 
Chip Chace showing the feel of a channel during Channel Listening review
First Module was taught on 3rd & 4th of december 2016 by Marguerite Dinkins.
Second Module, 21st & 22nd of january, was in charge of Dan Bensky and this last Third Module on march in charge of Chip Chace.
Chip Chace lecturing on Shape of Qi needling
During this intense 3 days of work, all the themes of the core training were revisited:
Yang Rhythm, Shape of Qi, Shape of Qi needling, Local and Global listening, Channel Listening... 
Palpating the abdomen for the Extraordinary Vessels

And last but not least, in this third module were introduced the Yin Rhythm, fluids and fluid tide, and a introduction to the Extraordinary Vessels as a mean to engage with a deeper state of dynamic stillness.

Rayén Antón (TA) doing Shape of Qi needling on a student model patient,  while other students listen to the Shape of Qi
During the whole series the focus has been to keep the learning as a hands on experience. For that reason, work on the practice sessions was done in small groups of 2- 3 people, under the close supervision of the teacher and teaching assistants (TA).
As is usually the case here in Europe, in this case TA were part of the european training crew who teach as well Module I.
Teaching assistants (TA) Felix DeHaas and Ferdinand Beck

Feeling things in our hands and getting out of our head can be sometimes tricky, therefore during the class the most important parts are practice. During the practice sessions Margarite, Dan and Chip make sure they keep moving around and giving  feedback to the little work groups; TA stay around as well, keeping the flow and adding a close hand to the students all along.

Rainer feeling the connection of a listening with a channel, assisted by Rayén (TA) tracking the Shape of Qi
During this training, the concepts of Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) come alive in our hands, and we become capable of listen through palpation aspects as important as the state of Qi, Yin, Blood, Yang Qi, the state of the Channels... This immediate feedback gives us better chance to respond to what is actually going on in our patients at the very moment it's happening, and also give us tools to better understand the landscape of their individual presentations.

Engaging Vitality doesn't finish after the 3rd day of the 3rd module....  it just starts!!

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