A Palpation-Based approach to more effectively working with Qi in Clinical Practice.

Efficacy in acupuncture is grounded in a therapeutic engagement with qi.
All acupuncturists work with qi to a greater or lesser extent. This training will enhance your ability to more directly perceive and use qi.

Using the palpatory sensibilities and vocabulary of osteopathy, you're introduced to tangible palpatory referents for different aspects of qi.

Core skills on the Engaging Vitality Toolbox are:

• Techniques for assessing the potency of qi in each channel
• How to feel the location of core restrictions
• How to directly feel which points are most available for treatment and their precise locations
• How to feel whether your treatments have produced meaningful change
• How to use of the principle of effortless action (wu wei) in your practice

Techniques such as these allow us to respond more fluidly to the requirements of our patients’ qi in a true dialogue.
This approach is readily integrated with nearly any style of acupuncture and provides a means for the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine to quite literally come to life in our hands.

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