Review Class in Munich - July 1st & 2nd 2017

What's the point on a review class anyway? 
...well, have you ever left the room after a seminar, feeling at the same time excited and overwhelmed with the huge amount of information you've just been exposed to? Then you go home, sit for a while, have a snack and spend some time in the normal routine, things start to settle down... and is then when you realize you'd need to take the whole seminar again, just in order to now navigate through the information instead of desperately trying to grasp every single detail the teacher was revealing...
Indeed, I have taken many seminars more than once, and it's true you ALWAYS learn/understand/grasp/get something new... and yet, there's a missing link. A gap between the awe you're filled with during and right after the seminar, and the troubles trying to integrate (or even remember!!!) in your normal practice as the time goes by... So yes, there's something strange at work in here...could it be about pacing perhaps, or about the pressure one puts in one self of being "serious" about it... and in this particular case an erased memory: we forget what Dan and Chip (and some other teachers too) have said almost every time: approach it in playful way...

...Playful way???? Yes.
So, we have opened a space just for that. Pressure off, playfulness in.
Review classes are for review, indeed. That's why we'll revisit the whole core curriculum of Engaging Vitality. But what counts here the most is the approach. It's not about the techniques, it's about the inner disposition. We've been exposed to these topics for a while now, so we can be playful about it, risk to try and see what happens, take the time to explore the edge of the comfort zone...
To better serve our patients we must be fluent with our toolbox and our minds, and fluidity won't show unless we give it room to express itself... so here we go.

If you want to join in, you're most welcome! (note you need to have the 3 module training or similar to be able to participate, we'll be reviewing, not teaching)
You can check a doodle list our friend Ferdinand has set in HERE
and/or you can drop me an email and let me know:

We'll learn and have fun, are you coming?

Looking forward to see you there, 

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