Kick starting a CORE, and one more!

CORE TRAINING started in the Netherlands this November '17!

Yes, and what a great kick start it was. 
Qing Bai friends host the 3 Module Core Training, where in this ocasion 30 students have engaged in this great journey proposed by Engaging Vitality. It will take them to discover through palpation the tangible reality of our most fundamental ideas: Qi, Yang, Yin, Yuan Qi, Channels, Fluids, Dynamic....

In this first Module, Felix DeHaas, Bart Wintjes and a team of trainers have presented topics as Shape of Qi, Yang Rhythm, Manual Thermal Evaluation, Local listening and the Engaging Vitality approach to needling. Also included was a discussion about concepts like Neutral and Dynamic Stillness. 
And hands-on practice, lots of it!

The second Module, as usual, will have Dan Bensky as teacher and the team of trainers as helpers, and the third will have Charles Chace and the team to wrap up the Foundations. 

And this is the CORE Training but yes, we said "and one more...!" 
One more is Module IV. This fourth module, usually attached right after Module III (unlike the core training, where there's some time between modules to give trainees the space to digest information, practice and come to the class with practical questions), opens the gate to direct interaction with Extraordinary Vessels through the fluid body, engagement of Yuan Qi, and the integration of all the acquired tools into one's own style of practice. 
Anyone who has the Core Training can take this class (in fact many collegues have taken it several times!; this class is always new as one is always evolving one's own practice), and colleagues in Netherlands have said it out loud: They want a Module IV!!! 
So if you're in the Netherlands around May 14th & 15th, come and join the class!!!

CONTACT details: If you're interested about this training, contact the friends at Qing Bai HERE

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