Being at ease with doubt

Being at ease with doubt is not easy. As practitioners we want to be right in order to help our patients. But there's a certain degree of doubt we must learn to navigate. There is so much that we don't know, that is not under our control and that will escape our memory.
And yet there are ways to use this doubt, this uncertainty for our advantage. When we learn and train to listen, even in doubt, the patient's system can lead the way and help us help them to find a better state; many times this doubt will keep us open to unexpected possibilities, far more beneficial for the patient than we could have anticipated.

This recursive learning and recurrent training is what we do, for example, in the YEARLY FOLLOW UP Class in BARCELONA (YFUB). Every Autumn we gather and re-train, re-calibrate, and check where we are in our listening skills. Charles Chace leads this yearly gathering and helps us walk one step further in this amazing Engaging Vitality path...

This year's YFUB will be Sept. 30th & Oct 1st. 
If you have completed the core training you're welcome to attend! 
Drop us an email and check if there's still places: 

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