Every now and then Life reminds us that from our limited perspective all we encounter is transient, and yet some essences intertwine with ours and become as longlasting as our own lives.
We meet extraordinary people along the way, and some of them will depart before us revealing this transient aspect of matter, but they will never depart from our heart, 心, our soul and consciousness. Every single moment of awe will have become bone in us, every spark of understanding tendons and flesh, every gesture of respect, skin and blood.

This autumn brought Chip Chace the sudden outbreak and diagnosis of advanced adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.
So our beloved teacher and friend is now transiting the closing paces of his road. So coherent with the path he carefully walked during all his life, he's facing this moment with the eyes wide open, with profound gratitude and embracing the transcendence of this experience.
He's also devoting this final time to finish writing the book about Engaging Vitality that co-authors with Dan Bensky.
Chip won't be sharing new insights and broadening our understanding in lectures from now on, but he will always be present and vibrant in every page of him we read, in every memory kept in the ones of us who had the chance to share path with him, and in every patient treated with an Engaging Vitality approach...
So heartfelt GRATITUDE, to Chip, to life, to the perfect timing of things that goes far beyond our comprehension.

If you want further read about Chip's journey, you can visit his website and sign up for updates:

R. Antón

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