Busy 2019: trainings going on in Europe

This 2019 is engaging Europe!

Multiple basic 3 module trainings, advanced classes, review classes.... The calendar for this 2019 is crowded!

Basic training news: 
4 Basic trainings are coming to completion this spring: 
Past weekend 2nd and 3rd of march 2019 we completed the basic training in London!

Amersfoort, Netherlands, will be the next to complete the series in march 30-31 and april 1st. Right after that, Munich on april 6-7-8ht and finally Barcelona on april 12-13-14th.

A new basic program will be starting this Fall in Berlin. (+ info HERE)

Intermediate level classes:
Munich hosted Dan Bensky for a Visceral Class this past february 18-19-20.
We hope a new Visceral Class to happen in the Netherlands next year, so stay tuned!

This coming april 2019 Berlin will host the class devoted to expand on the Yin Rhythm and Extraordinary Vessels. (Contact and registration HERE)

Review classes:
This coming weekend march 9-10th Berlin hosts a review class (Contact and registration HERE)

Barcelona yearly follow up class:
After 7 years of Chip Chace directing this gathering, we as european crew have  decided one way to keep the flame of his legacy alive will be to continue with this yearly event.
The format will vary a bit of what is been so far, but we'll benefit greatly from the mutual feedback of all practitioners coming from around Europe and around the world.
dates: September 7-8th, 2019

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