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Opening to the Source: 

Li Shizhen’s Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels in clinical practice

-with Chip Chace,  LAc


10-11 September, 2013

9:00am - 5:30pm

 Hotel Van der Valk,

Gentseweg 280  9120

Beveren, Belgium

For Information and Registration Contact:

 Cost: 370€

( includes notes, coffee, lunch and a beverage) 

Li Zhizhen’s seminal text on the eight extroardinary vessels is a cornerstone of the eight vessel literature. A central premise of Li’s work hinges on the skillful use of attentive and dynamic stillness to optimally access these vessels. The principle of dynamic stillnes is grounded in neidan tradition of internal cultivation which features prominently in Li’s book, and is also richly expressed in the Western discipline of cranial osteopathy. This training introduces a system of practical palpatory techniques drawn from both traditions designed to help practitioners more fully engage the eight vessels in clinical practice. These principles are relevant to all aspects of acupuncture practice. Most notably, they are an invaluable tool in helping practitioners refine both their point selection and needling technique. Participants will be introduced to a variety of palpatory techniques including manual thermal diagnosis, cranial rhythmic impulse (CRI), Mid Tide, and general and local listening.
The Morning session on Day 1 begins with an introduction to the principles and practices of qi engagement common to the osteopathic and neidan traditions. We introduce the practice of manual thermal diagnosis (MTD) as an optimal means of point selection. The afternoon session presents a general overview of Li Shizhen’s approach to the extraordinary vessels and their clinical application using the tools introduced in the morning session

Day two introduces Li Shizhen’s unique approach to the morphological structure of the extraordinary vessels, and how osteopathic palpatory sensibilities allow us to more fully experience that structure and assess our engagement of the eight vessels. The final afternoon session on day two builds on the concepts and techniques presented thus far, introducing an approach to engaging the eight vessels as an expression of the body’s midline, its energetic core. If time allows, we well also explore the integration of eight extraordinary vessel pulse diagnosis into the overall model presented. Hands-on practice sets accompany each module affording ample time for participants to work directly with Chip in developing these palpatory skills. 
Class size is also limited.
As a student of Chinese medicine and palpation based forms of acupuncture for more than twenty years, Chip is uniquely positioned to teach this class. He has maintained a longstanding interest in the medical literature of China and is the translator of a wide variety of books and articles on premodern acupuncture and Chinese medicine including a translation of the first textbook of acupuncture from 100 C.E., The Yellow Emperor’s Systematic Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Huang Di Zhenjiu jiayi Jing), and with Miki Shima, An Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels; Acupuncture Alchemy and Herbal Medicine, a translation and commentary (2010), Li Shizhen’s seminal text on the extraordinary vessels. He is a long time practitioner of meridian therapy and has completed advanced Toyohari training. Chip has practiced acupuncture for over twenty-five years and is on the faculty of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine where he teaches palpatory approaches to acupuncture. He maintains a clinical practice in Boulder, Colorado.

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