Follow-up class is round the corner!!!

We have a date for the coming FOLLOW UP Class!! We're happy to let you know that Chip will be in Barcelona the weekend of october 12-13th, leading a FOLLOW UP Class once again!

As you know, this gathering has a double purpose:
In the one hand, review what we have learned, refine our interpretations and address the questions and issues that have aroused from this year of work in our clinical practice, deepen the understanding of some already presented techniques (in this case Chip would like to expand on the General and Local listening), review the Extraordinary Vessels, etc...
In the other, introduce some new concepts and techniques... This year, Chip is working on articulating how the various Buddhist understandings of Emptiness informs the practice of Chinese medicine, both in terms of Acupuncture and herbal medicine . (A knowledge of herbal medicine will not be mandatory). In practical terms the emptiness theme will certainly incorporate a more focused engagement of Ignition

If you have any topics you would like to review or hear about, please let me know!!! I'm sure you're not the only one with the doubt/curiosity in the group!!!!
if you've done any seminar with Dan Bensky and/or Chip Chace in the past, you're entitled to attend the FOLLOW UP CLASS this october. Don't miss the opportunity! 
 In order to asure a close supervision for each one of us, the group will be relatively small, we have few spaces left! 
 To book  your place contact me at: 
See you soon!! 

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