First 3 Module Core training completed in Barcelona!

First time in Barcelona! Complete 3 Module CORE TRAINING of ENGAGING VITALITY. In the center, Chip Chace teacher in this closing module, Manuel Rodríguez and Rayén Antón teachers in module I and translator and teaching assistant respectively for Chip in this last module.

We celebrate the completion of this first core training in Barcelona! 32 colleagues (a few of them missing on the photo!) completed the 3 module training this April 2017.
Although Chip has been coming to Barcelona since 2010 on a yearly basis for the Follow Up Class that we held here every autumn, the formal 3 module core training was never done so far.

Now most of the Spanish practitioners who have been committed to Engaging Vitality trainings for years, finally have a formal structure in their heads... their hands already know the way!

First module was held on Sept-Oct 2016,  taught by Manuel Rodríguez, Rayén Antón as local teachers, and for this time only and as present to the longstanding and committed students Chip has kept in Barcelona, he was teaching the second half of the module.
Second module was Jan. 2017 and brought Dan Bensky to Barcelona for the first time, and certainly not the last!
This 3rd seminar was host at the ESMTC, the Fundación Europea de Medicina Tradicional China headquarters in Barcelona, and was taught by Chip Chace.

Xavier doing General Listening; in the back Ferdinand Beck (Teaching Assistant) paying close attention
As it's the norm in this 3rd module, Chip revisited all the topics on the curriculum before introducing the last and final topic of the core training: the yin rhythm and the fluid body. 
Nuances were added and some doubts cleared (hopefully!) on Manual Thermal Evaluation, Yang Rhythm, Shape of Qi, Shape of Qi needling, Global Listening, Local Listening, Channel Listening, Channel listening to local listening...
During all 3 modules, Teaching Assistants kept a close hand during all the practice sessions. The local teachers from the Europe crew all came at one time or another: Ferdinand Beck from Germany, Felix deHaas and Bart Wintjes from Holland, Rayén Antón as local from Barcelona. Manuel Rodríguez, part of the teaching crew as well, was translator during the whole series.
Miriam doing Channel Listening to Local Listening, while in the next table, Chip gives feedback to Nico and Diana

Of course, this is not the end, but the beginning.

This Autumn we'll have the usual FOLLOW UP CLASS in Barcelona (Sept.30th & Oct 1st), preceded by an extraordinary event: OPENING TO THE SOURCE (Sept. 28th & 29th), the approach to the Extraordinary Vessels following the line of Li ShiZhen, and grounded in the palpatory skills of Engaging Vitality. Chip will be presenting the Extraordinary Vessels morphology felt through the fluid body, so no procrastination in our practice of the core skills we've learn, or we won't get all the juicy stuff!!

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