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Feb. 18 - 2013 
US Collegue MATTHEW HAUG shared with us his experience about a Dan Bensky seminar, here it is!!

Recently I journeyed to the Emerald City to take part in a Continuing Ed course. The topic was applying osteopathic palpation techniques to the practice of  acupuncture. En route, my thoughts were along the lines of: "Do I have what it takes to become America's next top model?" Fortunately for me, the question never came up. It was a very nice group of people. The instructor was Dan Bensky.
I am only going to discuss General Listening, but this was not the only technique we studied over the weekend. General Listening is not a technique that stands by itself, it is one part, one ingredient in the process of making a diagnosis and giving a treatment. It is one moment in the slip stream.
The clinical encounter is the dance of the attention spans and the dance of the language barrier. You say tomato, they say tomato.
>Habits of attention always come into play for the practitioner as well as for the patient.  As one Buddhist teacher put it: "if something offends us, we quickly dismiss it, if something shows promise we immediately go with it, as a result, we never really LOOK at what is directly in front of us."   We all have conditioned ways of responding to our environment.
Rollin Becker DO put it this way:"There is the patient's belief about what is wrong, there is the practitioner's belief about what the problem is, and then there is what is actually going on with the patient." General Listening is a palpation technique designed to optimize the latter, the "what is actually going on with the patient". It is not meant to be a psychic reading.
GL requires us, for a minute, to put aside our favorite rationales for treatment,  to put aside our "never fail" point combinations and the "correct formula", [well except for Arnaud's stuff, of course, :)]  and just listen. GL asks us to become receptive. Of course it helps if you are in touch with your own body and not projecting anything onto the client.  Jean Pierre Barral called this "letting the tissues speak". The poet John Keats might have called this an experiment in Negative Capability.
The first step in General Listening is to RELAX, take a breath, and keep your hand soft. Then place your hand (P-8) on top of the client's head, (DU-20). You let your hand melt into the tissues "like a piece of cheese". When you lift your hand off the head you notice what happens. the hand may be pulled in a direction. We are using our hands like weather vanes to tell us what area of the  body needs our attention.
Yesterday I treated a person with migraines, neck pain in area of R C6-7, GI complaints and poor sleep. I did GL and this is what I got: when I pulled my hand away it tilted slightly to the right. The image I got was a line of pull from the R ASIS to the Left Serratus Anterior/Ribs area. My finding was that I needed to work on her pelvis to treat her migraines, neck pain, GI complaints and poor sleep. Using this info I zeroed in on the pelvis and took a closer look. I did some bodywork there.  The acupuncture points I used were LI-11 and GB-34.
Later in the day, I flipped thru Thomas Meyer's ANATOMY TRAINS to see if Tom had any info relating the Right ASIS to the Left Serratus/Ribs.  Sure enuff, he had it for me, this is a part of his Spiral Line. The Spiral Line moves from the ASIS crosses around Ren 9 goes to the Serratus, wraps around to the back body, goes to the scapula, the rhomboids and ends at the contra-lateral occipital ridge.  
It is interesting to note that there are no spiral meridians in Acupuncture. Although the Dai Meridian wraps around the pelvis.


 The following shared story is dated on July 4 of 2011.  

'This thing of listening where in the body the Qi is stuck, it's really something...

Few days  ago, Jordi came with a stabbing pain on the chest after a  friend unintentionally elbowed him.
He went to the WM doctor because at some point had great difficulty breathing, but they didn't find anything, prescribed analgesics and anti-inflammatory pills, and sent him home. But the pain didn’t go away. He's also a shiatsu practitioner, so the situation was even more problematic for him.
Usually Jordi ask me to treat him with Manaka style, because he's learning it at the moment and wants to feel it in his own self. This time he said: "do what ever you want, but please take this pain away". So I did. And here comes why I'm logging this in: Using all these great tools (SOQ, CRI, Channel listening, blockages in SOQ, fluids, etc.) at some point, while I was doing something, I had this feeling of: "yes, this is going to go away, I'm certain", almost like a reply to an unformalated question.
This (tied with the fact that actually this is what happened) it's a very important event for me; I think so far my relationship with the disorders has been not as much as a conversation but as a praying... I was praying to the diseases to hear what I was doing and go away...
Not so dramatic maybe, but in a way I think is true. So this is something important, I was able to actually have a conversation where we both listened to each other...
The other thing that happened with Jordi when listening the blocked spots, is that I landed on the Sp10 on the knock’s side, and when I saw where the blockage was, and checked with MTD and it was so active, I thought "Why the hell didn't I think of that?!!!"... 
And I feel very guilty: In how many occasions and patients have I committed a similar omission error?!
I feel happy and very ashamed at the same time...
Jordi called just now, and when I asked him how he was he said: “I’m amazed, I have no pain. There was something very physical blocked, and I thought with the energetic treatment the pain will go away a bit, but actually the whole thing released, and I’m fine. I want you to explain me what you saw and did!”
I told him: "It was this thing about Qi listening, the merging of craniosacral and acupuncture techniques that I've been telling you about!!!, hehehehe"

Treating Esther, when checking for the blockages, I landed on Sp8, and made no sense with the current symptoms, but actually a lot with her usual pulse...
So I asked: What about your period?, and she said "I should have it in a couple of days"... I smiled, and needled Sp8. Hehehehe.

This set of tools is so beautiful. It's hard to stop smiling, and feels so good'.


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